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      Coffee for Good.

      We started out with a simple goal: to unravel the coffee experience from the seed of a coffee tree to the remnant in your cup. Building on our experience producing and importing coffee straight from Ethiopia, we have explored the world seeking out partners in our mission not only to deliver the most exciting flavors, but to use coffee as a force for good. That means bringing people and communities together, collaborating with our production partners, and making sure we do so in a sustainable way.

      Spending time on coffee farms made us realize the importance of sustainable practices. After all of the effort to support a sustainable environment at the farm level, we continue that experience at the market level by using a reusable glass jar program for takeaway beverages.

      People often ask us what the deal is with the glass jars?

      To really understand the glass jar, though, we first have to take a look at the paper cup. For better or worse, a paper cup with a plastic lid has become a symbol of coffee for many of us. Cost and convenience are behind the rampant use of paper cups and plastic lids. And how many times have those two things led to outcomes that were ultimately better for us? Hm…

      Enter: Unravel. A new coffee concept that’s refining the way people get — and experience their coffee.

      By thinking sustainably and cultivating connections, we use coffee as a force for good. Our team makes thoughtful decisions throughout the entire process to ensure that the coffee chain works for everyone involved: farmers, roasters, baristas, and drinkers. We believe in a shrub to cup supply chain, sustainable farming practices and maintaining close relationships with and fair prices for farmers. We roast all of our imported Ethiopian green coffee at our flagship shop in Denver and our second location in Breckenridge with a zero emissions Bellwether roaster.

      The Bellwether coffee roaster is the most consistent, controllable, and sustainable roaster in the world. Powered by electricity, producing zero emissions, and compactly designed, the Bellwether re-imagines commercial coffee roasting for a sustainable world. The Bellwether is also the most thermally stable and precise commercial roaster in existence, thanks to its revolutionary air purifying system.

      Bellwether Roaster

      Our guests, farmers, communities, and the environment are at the heart of every decision we make.

      From our partner farmers across the world to our guests at the coffee counter, we hope that all involved with the Unravel mission view their participation in the Unravel experience as more than a drop in the bucket, but rather as part of the journey.

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