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      Here's a list of our most popular coffees.

      Named after our best friend, Ashenafi “Ashew” Argaw who is native to Sidama, Ethiopia. This washed profile is our core coffee that is featured as our daily batch brew and the foundation for our Two Stitch Blend. Origin: EthiopiaRegion/Locality: Idido, Yirgacheffe,...


      Two diverse coffees stitched together to create a balanced cup. This coffee is best brewed as a Drip Coffee and/or espresso. Origin: EthiopiaRegion/Locality: Guji & Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia, Acatenango, GuatemalaProcess: Wet (66%) and Dry (33%) ProcessTasting Notes: Milk Chocolate, Red Apple,...


      Tink /tiNGk/ Definition: undo a row of knitting one stitch at a time, in order to correct a mistake. At Unravel, we are really doing things a bit backwards; From co-production and importing straight from Ethiopia, to sustainable practices in...

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