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      Here's a list of our most popular coffees.
      From $18.00

      As bright and warm as our Colorado sun, this Yirgacheffe washed profile exudes the pleasure of summer lemonade.  A tricky profile that deceptively leads you to belive you're drinking a gesha variety, the candied lemon and jasmine are ever so...

      From $18.00

      "The Remedy" is a custom blend of coffee from Ethiopia, Panama, and Colombia designed to replenish the comfort and connection of the coffee community and uplift spirits in these troubled times. This new blend pays tribute to our modern-day heroes to keep them going...

      From $18.00

      Two diverse southern Ethiopian coffees stitched together to create a harmonious balanced flavor of milk chocolate, honeysuckle, strawberry, cherry with a thick and juicy mouthfeel, and a lingering sweet finish.  This coffee is best brewed on a Saint Anthony F70...

      From $14.00

      You might think we've connected a coffee is a personal friend but this is a simple code to give credit to Ashenafi who has created the very first single-origin, single-variety (74112) Anaerobic Honey processed coffee.  Ana (anaerobic) + Mari (Amharic...

      From $18.00

      Named after our best friend, Ashenafi “Ashew” Argaw, this coffee is the foundation of our work in Ethiopia.  Ashew is native to Sidama and this washed profile is the core blend component to our Two Stitch Blend and our daily...